Webinar: Fashion Experiences In Paris

Learn about Decouvertes' top picks for a fashion experience in Paris

Paris has been the fashion capital of the Western world from the seventeenth century to the twenty-first century. Around the world, most of the clothes worn today owe a great deal to Paris, even if they were designed (and almost certainly manufactured) elsewhere in the world.

In this webinar, we help you take a dive into fashion in Paris and prepare you to help your clients seeking a fashion experience in Paris.

Your Instructor

Bertrand Collignon
Bertrand Collignon

After a few years sailing around the world including sailing for the America's cup 1987 in Perth, Australia, followed by 10 years as Human Resources Consultant in an International Company, I joined Découvertes in 1999.

I now own and run the company with my son David (CMO). The opportunity to help Travel Agents become experts of the French territory through Découvertes University courses is one of the best ways to share my love of France, and a very exciting project.

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