Family and Kid Experiences in Provence

Find out about Hotels, monuments, experiences and activities for families in Provence

Multigenerational travel has become in the past few years a big part of travel agent business: travel is one of the best reasons to spend time together.

Also, more and more families are now taking children abroad even at a very young age which enlarge the possibilities of traveling and challenge you and us to make the right choices when it comes to planning family adventures.

The goal of this course is to give you an overview of the travel possibilities that exist in Provence for kids and families. With this module, you will be able to help your clients when it comes to family travel, give your clients tips and advices, and speak easily about the destination.

Of course, the advice and tips you will get here will never replace the level of expertise and customization you will get once in contact with your dedicated Decouvertes’ Advisor.

Your Instructor

Bertrand Collignon
Bertrand Collignon

After a few years sailing around the world including sailing for the America's cup 1987 in Perth, Australia, followed by 10 years as Human Resources Consultant in an International Company, I joined Découvertes in 1999.

I now own and run the company with my son David (CMO). The opportunity to help Travel Agents become experts of the French territory through Découvertes University courses is one of the best ways to share my love of France, and a very exciting project.

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