Boutique Hotels of France

A Journey Through the Charming and Luxurious Boutique Hotels of France"

Embark on a virtual adventure as we delve into the captivating realm of boutique hotels in France. Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will uncover the hidden gems and exquisite charm of these unique accommodations. From the opulent designs to personalized experiences, we'll explore the distinct features that make French boutique hotels a haven of luxury and elegance. Gain insights into the local culture, indulge in captivating anecdotes, and ignite your wanderlust as we unravel the enchanting world of Boutique Hotels of France. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the essence of French hospitality and elevate your travel dreams.

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Bertrand Collignon
Bertrand Collignon

After a few years sailing around the world including sailing for the America's cup 1987 in Perth, Australia, followed by 10 years as Human Resources Consultant in an International Company, I joined Découvertes in 1999.

I now own and run the company with my son David (CMO). The opportunity to help Travel Agents become experts of the French territory through Découvertes University courses is one of the best ways to share my love of France, and a very exciting project.

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